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Home School - Cake Academy Program

The Cake Academy runs a bespoke programme teaching a variety of cake decorating and baking skills. The Cake Academy is open to any student and to all abilities. Students learn a wide variety of skills and techniques that can be useful life skills. 


Students are encouraged to read recipes and follow various techniques for creating delicious bakes.  Students for example can bake, cover and decorate a cake. Designing and decorating using their creative skills, they work with decorative icings such as Royal icing, butter cream, chocolate and fondant. They also learn how to make a variety of cake toppers from modelling paste, such as roses and people, and create cupcakes and sweet treats such as decorative biscuits too. 


Students can learn to bake a wide variety of breads and savoury goods, such as pastry based goods. We also incorporate themed classes from World food to national holidays, and like to vary the items we bake to engage students and allow them to experience many techniques.


Students get to take their achievements home every week, and have the opportunity to share their finished products with family and friends. We always take photographs of the students work, as sometimes our bakes get nibbled on the way home! 


Classes can be tailored to your requirements. We can teach skills such as piping skills for Royal Icing, buttercream for cupcakes and piping flowers, fondant skills for covering a cake, and modelling skills for items such as edible roses or converse trainers. In our cooking and baking, we create delicious sweet and savoury treats. 


During the course students develop new skills and techniques. Creative ideas are always encouraged. We enjoy watching a students confidence and skills grow. Nurturing creative ideas. 


If you would be interested in our program we would be delighted to speak with you. 


Encouraging creativity and confidence building



We have found the classes to be extremely successful in encouraging creativity, concentration and confidence building.


We strive to ensure there is a relaxing atmosphere in our classroom, and encourage students to create imaginative projects. 


The classes are taught in our classroom studio to the rear of our premises.


The classes are led by Rebecca and assisted by Zoe, my fabulous Apprentice.


Rebecca is an experienced college lecturer and cake maker. For over eight years prior to opening The Baked Boutique she taught a varied program of Health and Social Care, Functional Skills English, ESOL and Basic Skills.


Having worked with a wide variety of young adults she is passionate about encouraging and nurturing students confidence and abilities.

Every Thursday - Term Time Only             9.30am - 12.30pm